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Shane Duffy's Boots

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Shane Duffy's Boots

There are some things in this world that money just cannot buy.  The boots pictured here are one of those things. When seen in person, the first question that comes to ones mind is 'WOW, how did they get them to look so worn and awesome?' Another is 'you must have spent a fortune on those, where can I buy them ?'

The simple answer is NO you cannot buy these boots and they did not cost much... at least not in US Dollars or any currency for that matter.

Before Shane R Duffy was a A-List model, reality show star, celebrity restoration expert, and the face of DARRING USA; he was Spc. Duffy. Shane enlisted in the US Army at the age of 18 and was part of "Operation Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan from February 2005 to March 2006. As part of the H.A. (Humanitarian Aid) mission, his base in Southwest Afghanistan was fired upon by no less than 64 rockets coming in from Pakistan not 15 km away.  The late football player, Pat Tillman, was also stationed in this region.  This is not a place for the faint of heart.

All of this brings us back to these incredible boots.  Shane brings them to all of our shoots along with his US Army issued dog tag.  As one might expect, Shane got them in Boot Camp... Fort Sill to be exact.  One might also surmise that these boots had a polish and shine that would befit a young soldier. All of that and more was true until October of 2006. Since then however, these boots have never met a polish or a cleaning agent and have become something more than the sum of its leather, rubber, eyelets and lace.

A pair of boots like these represent life.  The wear is like wisdom, the wisdom of experience and the fact they are still functional yet more beautiful than ever, represents perseverance and strength. Army boots if you don't know, are built to take almost anything... a trait I think we all strive to have.  Shane repurposing them into a fashion statement from a functional and durable Army boot is the by product of his special character and his continuing journey from soldier to celebrity.

DARRING USA and Shane Duffy (a snippet of our history together)